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Florida Florida man Captured with 48 Pounds of Meth

Gibsonton – Federal and neighborhood law authorization captured a Florida man in Gibsonton with 70 pounds of opiates. As indicated by capture reports, 18-year-old Jesus Barrera Guerrero had 48 pounds of meth and 22 pounds of cocaine.

The DEA isn’t discussing the examination, however as indicated by capture reports, specialists captured Barrera Guerro at the Circle K corner store at 12140 US 41 South in Gibsonton.

They discovered 22 pounds of meth in his auto. Specialists then sought his home in close-by Eastwood Estates. Inside, specialists say they discovered 26 pounds of meth and 22 pounds of cocaine.

“He’s an appealing young fellow. He resemble a genuine young fellow. He don’t look like trashy or nothin’,” one neighbor who wished to remain mysterious said.

That neighbor said he moved in close to two weeks back. She trusts one of the Florida man’s relatives obtained the home for him to live in. She says he lived there alone, he was tranquil and remained to himself.

“He was in and out. He said “hello there” to me,” she said.

It’s not clear where the medications originated from, but rather as indicated by the capture report, Barrera Guerrero had a Texas driver’s permit and asserted to live in Mexico.

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